Deer Hunting

The best ... simply put, that's a great way to describe whitetail deer hunting in Halifax County, North Carolina! Halifax County has had the state's highest deer harvests for several years. Roanoke Tar Guide Service's 2,000 plus acres of hunting lands support great numbers of deer and an incredible potential to harvest a trophy buck.

North Carolina has one of the longest seasons and the most liberal deer harvests in the country. Our bow and arrow season begins in early September and offers the hunter an excellent chance to harvest a buck in velvet. Black powder season opens in early October and lasts for two weeks. Rifle season starts in mid-October and runs until January 1.

Check out the pages on stands and feeding for more information on our hunting strategies. When the day's over and you're ready to pull that big buck out of the woods, we'll take care of that for you with one of our four-wheelers.

Here are some of the deer harvested in the 2011 season. Four of the deer grossed over 131 inches:

Click on picture for a larger image.

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