Other Services

Food Plot Services

  Our food plot services include mowing, planting and maintaining your food plots with fertilizer, lime and applications of grass killing herbicides. We have years of experience planting and maintaining annual and perennial food plots. Advice is available on where and when to plant your food plots.

  We also have experience installing shooting lanes on farms.

  We can insure you can see and harvest game as it passes through your land.

Forestry Services

  Our forestry service consists of appraisals, management advice and timber sales. Jeff has over 30 years of forestry experience and is qualified to perform tax basis appraisals. He is a NC Registered Forester and a Consulting Forester in North Carolina and Virginia. His many years of experience marketing forest products provide the landowner with superior knowledge of forest products and their value.

Real Estate Services

  Jeff is a real estate broker in NC and can help you find your investment or dream hunting property in Eastern North Carolina. Whether it is deer, turkey, ducks or striped bass, Jeff can help you find it.


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